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Help me with Panic Attacks


Get help with panic attacks. Did you know that that an excess amount of caffiene in your system can cause a panic attack?

First thing you should do is plan a way to begin to decrease the amount of caffeine consumed. If you are drinking coke or coke or even plain black tea you need to begin to cut in half the amount you are currently consuming. After 14 days, if headaches and other issues let up begin to hald the remainer in half. Do this until you are completely free of caffeine.

Many things will cause excess anxiety or feel panic, caffiene in most people will transform that anxiety into a full blown panic attack. If you have ever suffered a panic attack in life, can it be traced back to either having excess or removing caffiene from your diet?

For most people who suffer a panic attack it caused by caffiene. No one will tell you this truth. But caffiene can transform anxiety into a panic attack. The effect of this only increases in time and damages the andreal glands. Sleep or other normal remedies such as a good diet, can help fix this problem. But depending on the amount of caffiene you are consuming this may not be enough. Caffiene in most people causes sleep problems and can elimate most normal positive benefits.


It's extremely important to get plenty of movement into your day. Certain chemicals are not breaking down in your system fast enough and exercise and movement will speed this process. Try to do some acitivity where you break sweat.


. Breathing helps remove toxic gases and aids in the movement of these poisons. A controlled series of power breathing where someone takes in air slowly through their nose and then gently exhales through their month for 7 seconds.

8 Second Rules

Every thought that comes in your head realize that if you spend more than 8 seconds thinking about the thought it becomes part of your life. Screen your thoughts and only allow the ones you want to stay. If you have a thought that is negative start counting down 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and by the time 0 comes, allow the original thought to be interrupted and ignored


The words 'YOU CAN' can be powerful if said before any activity you might think will cause a panic attack. Tell yourself that you can.


Force yourself to listen to music. It allows emotion and thus chemicals to start flowing naturally.