The instinctive need of all

beings forming a crowd to obey a leader--The psychology of the

leaders of crowds--They alone can endow crowds with faith and

organise them--The leaders forcibly despotic--Classification of

the leaders--The part played by the will. 2. THE MEANS OF

ACTION OF THE LEADERS. Affirmation, repetition, contagion--The

respective part of these different factors--The way in which

contagion may spread from the lower to the upper classes in a

society--A popular opinion soon becomes a general opinion.

3. PRESTIGE. Definition of prestige and classification of its

different kinds--Acquired prestige and personal prestige--Various

examples--The way in which prestige is destroyed.

We are now acquainted with the mental constitution of crowds, and

we also know what are the motives capable of making an impression

on their mind. It remains to investigate how these motives may

be set in action, and by whom they may usefully be turned to

practical account.

1. THE IDEAS OF CROWDS. 2. CROWDS ARE CREDULOUS AND READILY INFLUENCED BY facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail