Herbal Medicine

What is thus exemplified in astronomy and astrology can be found in

the story of every other science. After the knowledge of the stars,

the next organized branch of information that might deserve the name

of science related to plants. This, too, was introduced into medicine,

and with more justification than astrology. Most of what was

accomplished by early herbal medicine was, however, due to the

influence produced on the mind rather than to any physical influence

tending to correct pathological conditions. The shape and color of

plants, their form, the appearance of their leaves, were all supposed

to indicate medical applications for human ailments. The reason for

their acceptance was entirely the ideas associated with the plants and

not any definite therapeutic effect. Whatever good nine-tenths of all

the herbal medication accomplished certainly was by means of the

influence on the mind. We have abandoned the use of most herbal

remedies in recent years, even many that are still retained in the

pharmacopeia, because we have realized their physical incapacity for


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