Psycho-neuroses Hysteria

As the derivation of the name indicates, psycho-neuroses are

functional nervous affections dependent on states of mind. They are

not necessarily originated by the mind, though they may be. Their

spontaneous occurrence as pure psychic phenomena, however, is rather

rare. There is practically always some slight physical cause. This may

be severe, for all diseases have neurotic accompaniments that disturb

the nerves involved and exaggerate the original symptoms. In most

cases the patient has no serious interest to divert his or her mind

from this occupation with self, and as a consequence the particular

feeling fills up the whole of consciousness, and as it is painful to

begin with, the pain, following Cajal's law of avalanche, may become

almost intolerable.

It is of primary importance to remember, however, that there is

practically always a physical basis for these curiously interesting

affections which are so difficult to treat and which have so often

proved the despair of physicians. While the attitude of mind must be

changed, the physical state itself must be corrected. These two things

must be secured at the same time, however, for attention to the

physical state without correction of mental attitude will usually only

emphasize the condition by calling further attention to the symptoms.

This is especially true of local treatment. The mind must, above all,

be treated and diversion of attention secured. Psycho-neuroses may

occur in connection with sensory or motor nerves. The patient may

either complain of intense pain in some part of the body for which

there is but a very slight basis, or may be unable to move certain

muscles, or there may be a combination of sensory and motor symptoms

with complaint of pain on movement. The painful conditions are most

important because they prove a source of worry and anxiety to the

patient's friends, as well as often of such annoyance at unsuitable

hours as deprives those near them of rest to a degree that may

undermine health.

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