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Pseudo-science And Mental Healing

An interesting phase of psychotherapy is found in the history of the
applications of new scientific discoveries to medicine. The
development of every physical science has been followed by an attempt
to apply its new principles and discoveries to the treatment of
disease. Such applications have nearly always been followed by
excellent results at the beginning. But almost without exception, the
medical significance of these discoveries has, after a time, been
found to be nil. When these discoveries were made they became the
center of public attention. The announcement of their application to
medicine then seemed natural and produced a feeling that another great
therapeutic principle had been discovered. Sometimes wonderful
therapeutic effects were noted. The chronic diseases particularly were
helped for some time, at least, and practically all the affections
that have mainly subjective symptoms were greatly relieved, or
actually cured. After a time, however, when the novelty of the
discovery wore off, its suggestive power was lessened and then the
remedy lost its therapeutic power.

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