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Unconscious Cerebration

Some people actually learn to depend on unconscious cerebration. A
man, for instance, who has to make an address on a particular subject
or to write an article, will record that fact on a tablet and after
gathering a few basic thoughts in connection with the subject
proposed, will put it aside for the time being. He is confident that
various illustrations and thoughts in connection with the subject will
occur to him at intervals during the next few days, and that he will
thus without direct labor accumulate an amount of material for
use. In the early morning hours he may find that thoughts on it come
to him unbidden. Sometimes he will find these thoughts precious germs,
that will develop during the course of the following days, and will be
of great help to him. If he is worried and preoccupied with other
things very much, this may not happen, but under ordinary
circumstances he can continue routine occupations which demand
practically all of his time, yet continue to develop the subject
selected for his paper or address. The more he has occupied his mind
with the subject at the beginning, the more will this unconscious
cerebration continue.

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