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What will decide whether a human being can resist, successfully, bad
tendencies in heredity, or in environment, or in both, and keep a
reasonably balanced mind? It demands insight, ambition, will; and if
these remain the body can be forced to saving ways of health, and body
and mind can largely make their own environment. But with heavy
handicaps of heredity or environment, or both, and poor insight, or lack
of desire, or weak will, nothing can save the mind from neurotic taint
or worse--nothing but obedience to some one strong enough to control the
habits of that life, until self-control is born. And there is a hope
that it can be born in the most neurotic or neurasthenic, so long as
the mind is sane.

But after all, a large number of people whose mental processes are not
normal, have only themselves, their poor emotions, their lazy wills,
their hazy thinking to blame. We except what are called the heredity
insanities--dementia praecox and the other dementias and the
manic-depressive groups and paranoia and psychasthenia--for in
these cases, possibly with the exception of the manic depressives,
even the most perfect environment could probably not prevent the
disorder from asserting itself. Many neurotics, neurasthenics, and
hysterics are curable if they will seriously undertake to fulfil the
laws of physical and mental health--simple laws, but ones which demand a
strengthened will to carry out.

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