How to Deal with Unhappy Feelings

Have you ever felt down, depressed, sad, overwhelmed or stressed? Life can be a drag and everything feels heavier and hard to do than normal. Sometimes you have to deal with a load of things at once. An easy way to get a quick

Having a quick drink of water, and a few breathes of fresh air outside can do wonders instantly. Exercise and physical movement will help anyone's life because it increases the blood flow. Increasing the blood will increase the oxygen flow which in tur
will give the brain more oxygen to perform more tasks. If you are suffering through a depression parts of the brain can be damaged, or incomplete and the brain needs to perform reorganization. The extra blood and oxygen will provide the brain with nourishment and necessary ingredients for healing.

Certain foods cannot be broken down easily and will cause negative effects in certain people. Carbohydrates will cause feelings of tiredness, sleepiness, laziness after eating. If the body cannot breakdown certain sugars or dairy products, this can result in a general cloudiness in the brain. The amount of rich oxygen and blood is being blocked and the liver needs time to deal with the impurities. Drinking water, and moderate movement will flush the body quicker.

If you are feeling unhappy in general. Try this:

Curve your lips into a half smile. Keep this position for 30 minutes.

When the body is in this position it relaxes many muscle groups and causes the body to relax. If done daily it can reduce constant stress. Try this for 30 minutes and notice how differently you speak, and react to others.
It will work, at first it may be extremely painful to go more than a few minutes. Slowly work your way up. When you have strong smile muscle you are become much happier.