How to Stop a Panic Attack in 10 seconds

Do you suffer from panic attack or moments during the day where the outside world feels overwhelming? At times this feeling could take the form of the world moving quicker or slower than your brain. This could happen in your car in traffic or on a busy bus or in line at the grocery store. The fear reaction is terrifying and horrible and each person has their own methods for dealing with an episode which sometimes work at varying degrees.

If you suffer from many panic attacks
ver a period of time this is called panic disorder. Each attacks compounds the problem by causing extra fear of when the next panic attack is going to occur. Lives change and places, people and things are avoided to deal with this fear. Overcoming fear will bring more joy than willing the lottery and freeing yourself will change your life and show you possibilities that never would have existed before.

The brain is using one portion during a panic attack and to stop attack immediately it's important to force the brain to use a different part. The quickiest panic attack treatment is to start subtracting 7 from 100 and keep subtracting.

Panic Attack Treatment
Think of the number 100.
Subtract this amount by 7.
This will leave you with the amount 93.
Subtract this number by 7.
This will leave you wish the amount 86.

Within 10 seconds your brain will leave the panic attack. The adrenal gland will stop pumping at full speed and you'll leave your temporary panic state.

Give it a try the next time you suffer from a panic attack. It works extremely well in acute episodes. If you suffer from constant general stress without panic attacks there are better techniques.